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It's All About You

What is your time worth?

As entrepreneurs we are all too aware that our time and our energy is a finite resource.  Our most valuable resource is ourselves. Using our time wisely is key to increasing productivity and profits.


The biggest waste of your time and worth is handling or managing activities that generate less revenue than you are worth. Why spend your billable or personal time on activities that aren’t generating revenue when virtual solutions exist. Let me complete these tasks efficiently while you focus on what matters most to.  


Partner with me and make your vision a reality. A virtual resource will soon become your greatest asset. In no time, you will wonder what you did before you had your own virtual solution.

A Little About Me, Lucinda Dykens.

Let me be your Virtual Solution. I will be the partner you didn’t know you needed but will soon wonder how you did without it.


My passion is solving your problems – whether I have the solution myself or a relationship with someone who does. My team of specialists can meet all your needs.


I am not only a commitment and investment to your business, but also to your well-being. 

What To Expect

1. Discovery Session

Book your 30-minute discovery call now! This time is all about you. We will explore your business, who you are, what your goals and pain points are.  Once I understand what you need, we can explore solutions.

2. Solutions

You will be provided with a plan of action. A contract or connection will be created. Although I can figure most things out, I am not an expert in all things - for that I have a strong network you can benefit from.  If I cannot provide you with a service contract, I will connect you with who can. 

3. Get Started!

My priority is providing immediate relief from your problems.  

I am ready to get started - are you?


Do you find yourself checking off any of these boxes?

Are you too busy or does it take you too long to handle daily tasks?

Do you spend time looking for solutions to problems that pop up?

Do you struggle to do things on your own wasting time and energy on tasks you don’t like or do not do well?

Are you struggling to learn the tech you are using or introducing into your business?    

Are you ready to focus on generating revenue and start delegating the rest to the best?

Are you tired of missed opportunities?

Are you ready to streamline or develop your workflows and standard operating procedures?

Are you ready to drive your business forward and take the leap to scale?

Are you a visionary looking for your integrator?

“As a retired partner of the world's largest professional services firm, I have been fortunate to have surrounded myself with incredibly capable professionals committed to delivering value in all that they do. When I retired and decided to practice on my own, I wanted the same level of experience from my admin support. I had known, and worked with, Lucinda before and was incredibly impressed with her attitude and work ethic. She always delivered high quality work on time and on budget often in very stressful situations. She was not afraid to make suggestions to improve the quality of the deliverable. She was my first call when I started my consulting practice. Lucinda brings all of the experience you would expect from someone whose career as an executive assistant at Deloitte exposed her to a wide variety of projects and personalities. Lucinda has become an integral part of my practice allowing me to focus on my clients. I don't know what I would do without her.”

Jim MacGowan – Former Senior Tax Partner, Deloitte 



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